• Walkway


    Several parking places are available including handicap. Visitors access the Memorial by a paved walkway bordered on either side with the names of our most generous donors.

  • Flag Court

    Flag Court

    This pathway leads to the first of two courts. The center point of this first court are Winsted's war heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Their names surround the three flag poles flying the U.S., State and MIA/POW flags. Also featured is our Medal of Honor recipient. Statues of service men and women ring the plaza; sentinels watching over our heroes. Several benches are provided for rest and reflection.

  • Pillars


    The path then leads east under a series of five archways - each one dedicated to a core value of American military service. Each pillar displays a service branch crest and appropriate quote.

  • Pentagon Court

    Pentagon Court

    The second court continues the five-services theme with five pillars displaying the names of veterans thus honored through donations to the memorial. At the center of the court is the "Leave No Man Behind" statue recalling the comradeship of our service men and women and their mutual devotion. Benches provide a place of rest and reflection while the visitor ponders the names on the pillars and those in their hearts.

  • Never Forget

    Never Forget

    As the visitor exits the pentagon plaza they see the reverse of the final beam reads “Never Forget” calling to mind the reason they visited the memorial and the reason we hope they return.

Duty / Honor / Country / Valor / Courage

Like many small American towns, Winsted, Minnesota is fiercely proud of her veterans and in particular those few who never came home. For decades our citizens have kept the annual Memorial Day observance but yet had no veterans memorial.

The Winsted Veterans Memorial will give our citizens and visitors a dedicated place to reflect and remember. Located under the mature trees at the southwestern edge of Hainlin Park, the memorial will be easily visible from County Road 1 – the main artery into the town. The memorial will first and foremost honor the fallen and will give families the opportunity to have their own veterans’ names displayed in the pentagon plaza.

Designed by Winsted native, Mitch Littfin, the memorial is a place of intimacy and quiet. The Winsted Veterans Memorial committee worked to envision a unique, high-quality memorial which would have the visitor move from a place of bittersweet remembrance of our fallen at the flag plaza to a place of pride in those who served and returned home memorialized at the pentagon plaza. As they turn to leave the visitor will see the words “Never Forget”. This memorial is Winsted’s Never Forget.